Beauty with Scale

Commercial landscape takes the beauty of plants, flowers, water, trees, natural rocks, outdoor gathering spaces, public use spaces, parks, pavement, etc. and syncs all these things together so that the scale of that property blends seamlessly with nature.

At LandPatterns it is our job to help you do just that! If you are looking for a firm who knows city code requirements, construction costs for budgeting purposes, or how to maintain that which is already there with the best horticultural care in our industry, then we would love to be that organization!

Our team of talented individuals knows what it takes to care for, communicate with and look out for our clients’ needs so they can focus on other things in their business.

Art and Science of Design

The “Art” behind a great commercial project requires great vision with a well-crafted team, who have the creative skills to bring that vision to life. The “Science” behind these great projects comes from having a team who knows how to ensure it can be built on-time and on budget.

Whether the goal is to drive occupancy, create inviting gathering spaces, or have an impact at the ground level, we can execute on those goals. Our design staff knows how to drive our clients towards creative solutions that serve very practical and functional purposes on our commercial projects.

We believe in sustainability. Whenever we can make a project more sustainable inside budgetary parameters, we work diligently towards that goal. Our design staff, construction management staff, down to our maintenance team continually searches for new innovations and technologies that can help with sustainability. We love what we do, and we want to protect our landscapes through sustainable approaches to design, construction and maintenance practices always!

Experience and Dedication

We have been here a long time and will be here for a long time to come! LandPatterns is dedicated to its clients. This is what we are known for, and what we pride ourselves on.

We are a team of uniquely talented and disciplined individual who work to creatively transform short-term and long-term landscape issues and opportunities into excellence within the built environment.

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Commercial Landscape Projects

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