What’s Your Backyard Personality?

Have you ever walked into a room and you’re immediately overcome with a particular feeling? We’ve all experienced it at one time or another, but what causes this instantaneous change in how you feel? Your surroundings are usually the number one influencer as to how you feel at any given moment.


Similarly, your outdoor environments have the same effect on you. Which begs the question –  what type of outdoor environment will best compliment you? In order to answer that question, you first should determine your backyard personality.


We categorize backyard personalities into three primary groups: lively, relaxed or social. Many individuals already have an indication as to what kind of backyard will benefit them the most. In fact, in a recent survey we discovered that 32 percent want a backyard that allows them to be social, whereas 68 percent want a backyard that relaxes them. With the right landscape architect, your backyard really can bring out the best in you! So, which one are you?


Stayin’ Alive

For the lively bunch, their surroundings require an energetic and active feel. Being able to utilize the space for outdoor activities is a primary factor in this backyard personality. These landscapes will typically include plant life that can withstand a higher frequency of contact and activity. In addition, lively backyards must include an outdoor activity feature, such as a swing set or a swimming pool.


“We see that families in particular really enjoy landscapes that incorporate the ‘play’ factor so they can frequently enjoy outdoor activities right in their own backyard, while remaining visually and aesthetically appealing,” says Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns. If you want a backyard that will keep the whole family entertained, Contact Us today!


But maybe this sounds too overwhelming for you? That could mean you require a backyard where you go to disconnect and unravel from the rest of the world.


Relax, Don’t Do It

Many individuals simply want a place where they can enjoy peace and relaxation. Backyards are not just an addition to your home, they are a place where many individuals go to unwind and reflect. With the proper plant life and knowledgeable design architect, any backyard can be transformed into a Zen garden.


If the first thing you want to do when you come home from a long day at work is to immerse yourself into a calming space, then you are in need of a tranquil outdoor environment. Marc mentions “the proper combination of outdoor elements can be extremely healing and restorative for an individual. Forget therapy, just step out back and that’s the only remedy you’ll need.” Let us show you how therapeutic your backyard can really be!


Perhaps peace and quiet isn’t quite what you have in mind. The next backyard personality really is the life of the party!


It’s Party Time

Have you wanted your house to be the place to go for any special occasion or holiday? With the right functional and entertainment elements, you could be the hostess with the most-ess! Backyard landscape designs are no longer limited to just plant life choices; outdoor TV entertainment systems and fully functional kitchens are a reality as well. Functional and entertainment components are perfect additions for any holiday party, special occasion or sports watching event. You may never have to go inside again!


“In Texas, we’re fortunate enough to have patio weather practically all year round, and with the outdoor entertainment and functional features we offer at LandPatterns you’ll never want to go inside again.” From a fireplace to misters, from a TV to a kitchen, you’ll have the comfort of your home in your backyard. If you’re itching to host your next backyard party, you need a backyard that allows you to do so. Contact Us today and we’ll show you how much fun your backyard can be!


A Backyard Personality Uniquely You

“Every individual is unique, therefore, every individual deserves a landscape that is unique to them,” says Marc. LandPatterns landscape architects tailor each project specifically for the individual client. Backyard landscapes are much more than shrubberies and grass, “just like people, every backyard has it’s own personality and the potential to be a work of art,” Marc says. “Everybody deserves a landscape that compliments their way of life.”


We can’t wait to make your backyard’s personality really shine – contact us today and let’s get started on your backyard dream!

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