The Backyard BBQ You Could Have Had

Have you ever wished your house was the go-to spot for summer gatherings? We all look forward to backyard barbecues during the summer time, so why not build a backyard you can have a party at any time? Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns, says, “A house without a great backyard is like a house with no furniture. It’s somehow incomplete.”


Imagine the possibilities and great times ahead if you had a backyard worth sharing with your friends and family. There are a lot of considerations when designing the perfect backyard party pad. Every household is unique and deserves its own unique landscape design.


Every Backyard is Unique

Every backyard should be an original masterpiece because every household is dynamic and unique in its own right. When faced with a new backyard renovation project, Marc takes the time to get to know the client and the many factors that might affect their design decisions.

Here are just a few of the many factors to take into consideration:

  • Important family details
  • Marital status
  • Children (how many, age)
  • Family pets (how many, what kind)
  • How often do they entertain/average size of guest list

All of these factors will affect the design: everything from the size of the grill to the square foot of the patio extension.


“Most backyards I come across lack functionality and identity,” says Marc. “The backyard is just as much a part of the house as any other room, and has the same potential in terms of design and overall, continued enjoyment.”


What Every Backyard House Party Needs

In order to ensure enjoyment all summer long, it’s important to figure out which features are most important to the individual client. One of the primary features that many find important for a backyard BBQ is a convenient grill or pit. Food brings people together, so providing access to a functional cook center where individuals can cook and serve food is a highly desired feature.


The fun doesn’t have to end there. In addition to pools and backyard gardens to amuse your guests, outdoor entertainment centers are also a reality. It’s everything you could ask for right in your backyard. Now it opens up your home to so many other possibilities!


Four Seasons of Fun

It’s not just about the summertime barbecues anymore; with advanced landscape designs, your house has the potential to be the place to entertain all year round. From birthday parties to football watch parties, your house will definitely be considered the cool kid on the block.


You may be wondering how often can one really use their backyard. Well, if you have the right features it would be more often than you could imagine. Whether it’s hot or cold, there is a convenient design solution: from fire pits and covered outdoor space to strategically placed ceiling fans and misting systems. We all know how unpredictable North Dallas weather can be, which is why at LandPatterns we offer a solution for whatever crazy weather pattern is thrown your way.


“We get to use the outdoor rooms quite a bit in North Texas,” says Marc, “and with the various solutions at our disposal, such as covered outdoor entertainment spaces and temperature control features, the amount of time an individual can enjoy their backyard space is endless.”


Is it Time to Plan Your Next Backyard BBQ?

LandPatterns takes into consideration all of the details that must go into planning a backyard space, and we strive to accommodate the needs of every client without wasting the space available. Every aspect of an outdoor space must work in tandem and must compliment the needs and desires of the homeowner.


“A proper backyard design takes all the elements available and makes them fit. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle, do it right and it looks amazing; do it wrong and it doesn’t look quite right.” Marc and the entire team at LandPatterns are passionate about giving each outdoor space its own unique individual identity.


Take this fun quiz (below) to find out what your ideal backyard would look like and then give us call to learn more about how you can make your backyard the life of the party!

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