Cielo Luxury Apartments

Cielo Luxury Apartments is a 350-unit complex in Pflugerville, Texas catering to young professionals who want more than just a place to live. Located within a natural wooded area, the developers and their design team created a plan which only required the elimination of 3 trees throughout the entire site. The apartments include amenities such as a coffee bar, a beer and wine bar, gym, and community kitchen and dining area for parties as well as a multi-level pool with sunken seating, lounge ledges, fire pits, and outdoor video screens. There is a dog park and spa, many large open areas for walking, relaxing, and enjoying mother nature. We will begin installation of the landscaped areas this spring…stay tuned for photos!

The developer on the project is Thompson Realty Corporation based in Plano. Originally established in 1980 as Thompson Realty Corporation and reorganized in 2012 as Thompson Realty Capital, the company currently manages and/or leases over 1.5 million square feet of commercial space in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The company has developed over 500,000 square feet of commercial space, as well as ten (10) single and seventeen (17) Class A multifamily communities in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Austin, San Antonio and Northern Virginia. These developments involve around 5,000 acres and the sale of nearly 10,000 lots.
Thompson Realty emphasizes quality in its developments: well-located projects that complement the vitality of the surrounding community, and are favored by potential home buyers, respected builders, as well as tenants. Transactions are structured to ensure proper capitalization and facilitate better-than-expected absorption. Development sites are selected carefully with design details specifically tailored to fit each market sector.

Thompson Realty represents the owners (primarily various family partnerships) of several significant properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and San Antonio. The company has also developed mid-rise office buildings, suburban office buildings, industrial and showroom projects, apartments and retail centers. Thompson Realty was involved in the formation of Crescent Real Estate Equities, a real estate investment trust founded by the late Richard Rainwater.
The Thompson Realty philosophy is to provide superior development and leasing expertise, as well as related real estate services that enhance the community and optimize value for the property owner. For more information about Thompson Realty, visit

This project was created by Cross Architects based in Allen. Cross Architects is a multifaceted architectural firm that covers a range of project types, from multifamily to interior design to commercial retail, inside and out, carefully considering engineering, functionality, and aesthetics.
Client-focused and value-driven, they apply sound business practices and respect the financial objectives of their clients. They deliver targeted outcomes based on economy, purpose and visual appeal. This is accomplished through effective communication, innovative design services, and intensive process planning and client collaboration. Since 2003 they have dedicated themselves to continuous performance, improvement and quality management to retain clients who value a trusted partnership. For more information, visit

Providing the interior design is Ink + Oro’s based in Dallas. Ink + Oro is a luxury lifestyle brand, known for its distinctive designs and fearless attitude. I+O’s journey has traversed design typologies from residential and commercial interior design to curated collections of furniture, art and accessories. With a design vision that pairs comfort with luxury, spontaneity with sophistication and blends local culture with global inspiration, Ink + Oro is changing the look, feel and meaning of boutique design. More information can be found on Ink + Oro’s website: