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Living Fireworks Bring Sustainable Beauty

The heat of the summer can be a killer for all plants, particularly those that flower. Fortunately, there are magnificent blooming plants and plants with incredible color that provide beauty even during the hottest months in North Texas.

“The key is to understand how to utilize native plants which require less water, study the space to understand the sun / shade ratio, and work with the clients to achieve the look they desire,” said Marc Funderburk, founder and president of LandPatterns, LLC.

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Escape to Planet “You” through Professional Landscape Design

When you visit a professional garden, such as the Dallas Arboretum, you are immersed in a world of beauty and grace. How often have you left such an outing wishing you had such a peaceful, fantastic environment at home? The good news is you can with a little help from a professional landscape designer.

The impact that a properly remodeled backyard can have on your as the homeowner and your visitors can be immense, if you invest in your vision.  This will go beyond trimming the trees and planting new flowers.  To truly have your own incredible environment requires a detailed process That includes candid conversations about your tastes and desires, an evaluation of your existing environment, and deep-thought in order to achieve your desire while also creating a lasting environment.

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Post-Holidays – Don’t Be Blue – Go Green!

There are plenty of articles outlining the reasons you may have post-holiday blues – stress of the holidays, stress of being overwhelmed, depression and loneliness now that all your loved ones have returned to a normal routine, seasonal affective disorder – you name it, you can find some type of article supporting that theory.

There is one thing they do have in common – the cure for the blues is to alleviate stress. And one of the best ways is to have an environment that improves your mood, supports relaxation, and gives you an oasis of calm.

According to Psychology Today, whether you are suffering from holiday blues or SADs, a priority is to spend time in the sun. While not all areas of the country have this luxury, here in North Texas, we often experience spring-like weather during the winter, making it easier to prioritize time outdoors.

How much easier would that be if you could simply walk out your back door?

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Contrary to Popular Belief, No One Likes a Scary Backyard

There was a slight chill in the air on this seemingly quiet fall night in Dallas. With each step you hear the crunch of the crisp leaves beneath your feet. Nothing seemed unusual, so you keep on walking. You reach the doorway and are greeted by a familiar face, “Hello and welcome! We are so glad you could make it,” they proclaim. The uneasy feeling you had quickly disappeared. As you proceed from room to room, you’re acknowledged by more smiling faces.


After mingling for a while, you decide to step out back for some fresh air. As you approach the door to the backyard the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand up. What is the reason for this? Probably nothing, so you proceed. You breach the doorway and step onto the back patio. Instead of feeling relieved and relaxed, as you had hoped, you are overwhelmed with discomfort and uneasiness.


The cracked concrete beneath your feet makes every step a safety risk. The overgrown plant life pokes and prods you as you go deeper and deeper into the poorly lit garden, any moment you’ll be engulfed by the darkness. Can this environment really be so bad? Unfortunately, it can.

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Montserrat Residence / Ft. Worth, TX

We’ve had the great fortune of working with one of Fort Worth’s prominent families to design and develop a landscape that would capture the essences of a Villa on the Mediterranean coast.  The Italianesque Villa sits on top of a steeply sloping two plus acre site with a panoramic view of downtown Fort Worth to the north east.  Our client and their extended family enjoy all types of recreation and asked that we provide an upper terrace that would accommodate a large vanishing edge diving pool and lawn area for a very active family.  The pool is in fact two pools and allows for a climbing wall from the lower pool to the upper pool.  Engineered walls, drainage and aesthetic sensitivity to the site allowed us to maximize the space for the “grand terrace” and transition to the more natural areas and pond at the bottom of the site.  The pond will be used for irrigation and managing the flow of water onto neighboring properties.  The team is very proud of one of our finest residential projects to date.

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