Montserrat Residence / Ft. Worth, TX

We’ve had the great fortune of working with one of Fort Worth’s prominent families to design and develop a landscape that would capture the essences of a Villa on the Mediterranean coast.  The Italianesque Villa sits on top of a steeply sloping two plus acre site with a panoramic view of downtown Fort Worth to the north east.  Our client and their extended family enjoy all types of recreation and asked that we provide an upper terrace that would accommodate a large vanishing edge diving pool and lawn area for a very active family.  The pool is in fact two pools and allows for a climbing wall from the lower pool to the upper pool.  Engineered walls, drainage and aesthetic sensitivity to the site allowed us to maximize the space for the “grand terrace” and transition to the more natural areas and pond at the bottom of the site.  The pond will be used for irrigation and managing the flow of water onto neighboring properties.  The team is very proud of one of our finest residential projects to date.

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