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Residential Landscape Design – Putting ROI in Beauty

ROI and beauty are not words you typically see together. Yet, the truth is that professional residential landscape design provides both – increased beauty and a financial return.

Don’t just take our word for it. We have proof from other professionals:

Total Mortgage says good landscaping can add 10-15% to the value of your home:

“Landscaping is more than flowers and shrubs.  Upgrades can involve things like patios and decks, flowerbeds, barbecue pits, watering systems and plants of all sorts. As you enter into a landscaping project, you have plenty of choices about what kinds of upgrades to make.   The trick is to make improvements that prospective buyers want.  If you do, then your property value will rise.”  Read Post

Does Your New Home Reflect Your Cachet?

We have a new first family in the White House, a symbol for our country that is not typically altered – or is it? As the previous first family exits, the staff has approximately 5 hours to ensure that the incoming first family feels at home, meaning their personalities are reflected, the adjustable interiors of the White House are altered to suite the family dynamic, and every effort is made to ensure they feel comfortable. Even in the Oval Office, the rug is removed to be placed in the presidential library, and a new rug placed for the incoming president.

The outside can be altered; e.g., Michelle Obama’s garden, so that the new first family showcases their style and grace. If the White House can be altered to reflect the style of the new first family, think of all the items that can be adjusted in your new home to showcase your distinct design, starting with the outside of your home.

A beautiful, upscale home is marked not only by distinctive architectural elements, but also by a well-groomed exterior, complete with beautiful foliage, attractive furniture, and well-maintained walking paths, all of which join to create a cohesive, sophisticated look that instantly catches the eyes (and envy) of a passerby.

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Montserrat Residence / Ft. Worth, TX

We’ve had the great fortune of working with one of Fort Worth’s prominent families to design and develop a landscape that would capture the essences of a Villa on the Mediterranean coast.  The Italianesque Villa sits on top of a steeply sloping two plus acre site with a panoramic view of downtown Fort Worth to the north east.  Our client and their extended family enjoy all types of recreation and asked that we provide an upper terrace that would accommodate a large vanishing edge diving pool and lawn area for a very active family.  The pool is in fact two pools and allows for a climbing wall from the lower pool to the upper pool.  Engineered walls, drainage and aesthetic sensitivity to the site allowed us to maximize the space for the “grand terrace” and transition to the more natural areas and pond at the bottom of the site.  The pond will be used for irrigation and managing the flow of water onto neighboring properties.  The team is very proud of one of our finest residential projects to date.

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