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What’s Your Backyard Personality?

Have you ever walked into a room and you’re immediately overcome with a particular feeling? We’ve all experienced it at one time or another, but what causes this instantaneous change in how you feel? Your surroundings are usually the number one influencer as to how you feel at any given moment.


Similarly, your outdoor environments have the same effect on you. Which begs the question –  what type of outdoor environment will best compliment you? In order to answer that question, you first should determine your backyard personality.


We categorize backyard personalities into three primary groups: lively, relaxed or social. Many individuals already have an indication as to what kind of backyard will benefit them the most. In fact, in a recent survey we discovered that 32 percent want a backyard that allows them to be social, whereas 68 percent want a backyard that relaxes them. With the right landscape architect, your backyard really can bring out the best in you! So, which one are you?

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Choosing a Landscaping Design Company: House Beautiful or Home Depot?

If wildflower season has you dreaming of spending more time outdoors with your family, you may be thinking about how to transform your landscape into a backyard oasis for relaxing, entertaining and living the good life. You might notice friends and neighbors donning garden gloves like the gauntlets of weekend warriors and bringing home potted plants from the hardware store to brighten up their yards.


And those optimistic weekend warriors? They’re probably not enjoying time out in their yards as much as they could, since their results didn’t exactly make for the best outdoor room.

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