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All-Inclusive Landscapes: Residential Meets Retail

Imagine being surrounded by a beautiful environment where everything is located conveniently at your fingertips; whether it is a variety of places to dine, shop, work or live, these all-inclusive living environments are becoming more and more prevalent. Odds are you have already experienced this sort of blended development.


These environments are called mixed-use developments; the idea is to incorporate residential living with retail and other diverse elements of entertainment, all within walking distance of one another. A variety of lifestyles can be accommodated by these developments, making it an increasingly popular choice for residents and visitors alike.

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Build a Sustainable Landscape – Not Just a Green One

As a homeowner who has invested in the beauty and design of your landscape, it is important to consider the future. How will the landscape fair through the seasons and various weather patterns? Will it become a burden to maintain or somewhat easy? How do you know what to do when in order to ensure your landscape investment has longevity?


Maintaining a healthy landscape as it ages is no easy task in our ever-changing environment. Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns, recognizes that “landscape design is far more advanced than it used to be as we’ve become smarter in how we design and utilize our landscape resources. We have not only learned from the past and expanded our plant knowledge, but we also look to what the future brings in terms of plant health and upkeep.”


The world around us is constantly changing; the environment, the climate, it all makes a difference. We are beginning to experience environmentally parched conditions and we must consider the utilization of our Earth’s resources. We are forced to ask the question, “How are we going to ensure our landscapes are sustainable for the long term?”

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