Post-Holidays – Don’t Be Blue – Go Green!

There are plenty of articles outlining the reasons you may have post-holiday blues – stress of the holidays, stress of being overwhelmed, depression and loneliness now that all your loved ones have returned to a normal routine, seasonal affective disorder – you name it, you can find some type of article supporting that theory.

There is one thing they do have in common – the cure for the blues is to alleviate stress. And one of the best ways is to have an environment that improves your mood, supports relaxation, and gives you an oasis of calm.

According to Psychology Today, whether you are suffering from holiday blues or SADs, a priority is to spend time in the sun. While not all areas of the country have this luxury, here in North Texas, we often experience spring-like weather during the winter, making it easier to prioritize time outdoors.

How much easier would that be if you could simply walk out your back door?

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