Preston Hollow Residence

Nestled in the heart of Dallas, our clients enjoy a 4-acre estate where they have developed the property for a “park” and “garden” like feel with lots of privacy and sound barrier from the neighbors and busy street along the front. They travel a lot for work and want to be able to come home and enjoy their own backyard oasis that is properly maintained and cared for. They also have 4 grandchildren who live on part of the property and roam around everywhere, so having lots of manicured lawn space to drive their toys around on, explore, etc. is important too.

We service the property one day per week, since they retain a full-time porter. However, he is stretched thin as doesn’t tend to much of the landscaping as needed as he’s typically working on other side projects for the client. In order to complete our maintenance work within 5 hours on our service day, we work diligently with the client and the client’ assistant to constantly communicate issues we see and/or need to have resolved. Thankfully our client is very quick to respond and allows us an abundance of freedom to make necessary improvements when deemed necessary.

Additionally, last minute work functions and/or parties are often hosted at their house. We often times have to respond quickly with an extra service visit, service date change, seasonal color change, bed mulching, etc. to help get it ready for their company.

We value the trust and communication we have with this client and look forward to working with them for years to come!

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