Post-Holidays – Don’t Be Blue – Go Green!

There are plenty of articles outlining the reasons you may have post-holiday blues – stress of the holidays, stress of being overwhelmed, depression and loneliness now that all your loved ones have returned to a normal routine, seasonal affective disorder – you name it, you can find some type of article supporting that theory.

There is one thing they do have in common – the cure for the blues is to alleviate stress. And one of the best ways is to have an environment that improves your mood, supports relaxation, and gives you an oasis of calm.

According to Psychology Today, whether you are suffering from holiday blues or SADs, a priority is to spend time in the sun. While not all areas of the country have this luxury, here in North Texas, we often experience spring-like weather during the winter, making it easier to prioritize time outdoors.

How much easier would that be if you could simply walk out your back door?

Say Hello to Mother Nature

Whether it’s watching the sun rise while enjoying your morning coffee, or having weekend brunch in your outdoor kitchen, spending time outdoors often cures what ails you, including:

  • Symptoms of SADs
  • Stress
  • Vitamin D deficiency

Why is spending time outdoors so cathartic? Our senses become heightened, and our bodies react, as soon as we step outside. The vibrant colors of the flowers, the contrast of the textures and the smells that force their way into our nasal cavity; it becomes unavoidable, and luckily, beneficial to our mental and physical health.

It is no accident that essential oils have become increasingly popular in our society as many mimic the healing properties of the outdoors. By exposing your visual, olfactory and touch senses to the outdoors, you can physically benefit from reduced blood pressure, heart rate and fatigue; ultimately lowering stress levels.

Yet the health benefits may not be what you desire. Perhaps you are already quite healthy and spend a substantial amount of time outdoors, so why consider working with a premier landscape architecture and design firm?


What Are You Worth?

The health benefits are obvious, and frankly it’s just nice to spend time outdoors. But there are other benefits to having premier landscape architecture design teams work with you.

For one, you can rest assured that the work being done outside your home reflects your high standards and is something you’re proud to share with family and friends.

“Having a home they are pleased with is important to our clients, as they take great pride in all aspects of their lives,” said Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns. “It’s not just about putting out some pretty plants. Our services support our clients in having that unique environment they crave.” Good landscape architecture goes beyond improving the monetary value of a home; it creates an environment that provides meaning to you for years to come.

Another benefit is the knowledge that your team has put together a plan that uses the best hardscape materials, the right plants and a premier layout to ensure both enjoyment of the space and sustainability. “As we move into 2017, we know that our winter is predicted to be warmer than normal, with summer skewing slightly cooler,” said Marc. “Understanding the weather patterns ensures we develop the right implementation and construction plan while also planning for the future. We are able to make a better selection of materials and plants that will thrive in the North Texas environment regardless of the weather.”

Finally, how nice is it to have the best backyard? Your friends enjoy coming over, your family enjoys the space immensely, you can entertain or just relax yourself and know that your outdoor environment meets your exacting standards.


It’s Time to Go Green

With Mother Nature promising some nice weather, it’s time to think about how to create that oasis you want. “Our clients who took advantage of planting in the fall are enjoying the winter knowing their plants will be heartier this spring,” said Marc. “Now is an excellent time to begin working on your spring and summer ideal landscape design, particularly with the weather supporting construction year round.”

LandPatterns landscape design team is ready to work with you to create your individualized plan so that you can get the outdoor environment you have always wanted. Put Mother Nature to work for you – contact us today and let’s get started on your backyard dream!

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