Nosey Neighbors? No Problem with Ingenious Landscape Design

Nothing spoils the peaceful feeling of your home like a lack of privacy. Even if your neighbors keep to themselves, having a 2 or 3-story home with a view directly into your backyard minimizes your seclusion. Fences can only do so much, so how do you address this problem and still maintain the beauty of your home?

This was a previous challenge faced by Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns, LLC, and his team of professional landscape designers.

“We were contacted by a custom builder who needed a professional design that encompassed a pool,” said Marc. “Then we were introduced to the client, who had other goals we needed to consider.”

The client, Kimberley Lanio, desired a personal, private space for her family to enjoy. Additionally, she wanted a specific look and feel, and had ideas regarding the types of plants to be used.

Marc’s first challenge was to overcome the idea that LandPatterns was just another “shrub planter.”

“Often when builders and clients engage a landscape designer, they are expecting to receive a cookie-cutter approach,” said Marc. “We always provide a custom design that encompasses the design of each individual home and the needs of the clients. Our clients are always grateful as the outcomes are what they desire.”

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The Beauty of Privacy

As with every LandPattern’s client, Marc approached the project by spending significant time with Kimberley to understand her needs, desires and family dynamic.

“She wanted plants and materials that complimented the traditional design of her home, while also providing an envelope of sorts to give them privacy,” said Marc.

The LandPatterns team utilized height to provide the privacy element by planting 14 to 16-foot Italian Cypress trees and thin, tall Yaupon Holly to break up the view into the property. Additionally, they chose more mature plants to provide the fullness and increase the feeling of solitude.

“As with many new homes, there were not many trees and the ones that were on the property were not in ideal locations,” said Marc. “One of our difficult tasks was to relocate a mature red oak, which was approximately 30 years old. In addition to our team having the expertise to handle such a relocation, we also provided intense follow-up to ensure that the tree adapted to its new home. That tree is thriving today.”

A small retaining wall also improved the privacy element, and was made to align with the rest of the landscape design through a choice of plant material to complement the look of the home.

“One of the many benefits to working with LandPatterns was Marc’s willingness to really understand me and what I wanted,” said Kimberley. “He was easy to work with and went the extra mile to ensure we had the end result we desired.”

Keeping the Privacy

Unusual and larger plants, such as the ones used for this project, require specialized maintenance provided by professionals who understand the nuances of care. The LandPatterns team has this level of expertise, and was able to use it at a later time to again support the Lanio family.

“Kimberley contacted us to maintain her landscape, which we agreed to do,” said Marc. “When maintaining tall trees, it’s important to understand how limited sunlight at the base of the plant impacts the care. Our team brings this level of expertise to the table, while also understanding how to maintain the integrity of the design without compromising the horticulture aspects of the plants.”

The LandPatterns team keeps the plant life robust so that the need for privacy is continually met.

“We have been maintaining the Lanio’s landscape for over a decade, and are pleased that the results provide them with the privacy and peaceful nature they desire,” said Marc. “Our goal is to keep the family happy and give them a landscape that supports the way they choose to use their space.”

“Marc worked diligently to ensure that my objectives were met,” said Kimberley. “It was important that we could achieve of sense of privacy and beauty, and Marc’s team was able to accomplish that while giving us a space we could enjoy over the last eleven years.”

If you are ready to enjoy some privacy and beauty in your backyard, contact our professional landscape design team at 214-560-6880 to get started today.

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