It’s Worth the Spousal Debate: Landscape Design and Maintenance

In 2004, LandPatterns designed the landscaping for Valerie Campbell. She was ecstatic with the results (which you can see in the image featured).

Valerie continued to use LandPatterns as her landscape maintenance company through many life changes and events, including a divorce and new marriage. Her husband felt that perhaps the maintenance was too pricey so they decided to switch. Here’s what happened:

“It was terrible. We went through four different companies none of whom could maintain our lawn, much less keep up with our landscaping needs,” said Valerie. “The yard had brown spots, the plants were dying. My husband said ‘you were right. They are worth the money!’”

Valerie is very happy with the results.

“The team at LandPatterns were able to restore our landscaping to the way it looked before,” she said. “In fact, they did such a great job that we have two neighbors who use them now as well!”

Good Design Deserves Good Maintenance

Valerie had a specific idea of how she wanted her home to look, and Marc Funderburk, founder and president of LandPatterns, LLC, made sure her dreams became a reality.

“Valerie’s home deserved a stunning landscape presence to showcase the home’s design. We chose to put four Italian Cypress trees in the front for visual appeal. The result was very nice,” said Marc.

In addition to the breathtaking height of the cypress trees, Valerie’s landscape included Azaleas and Indian Hawthorne for color as well as Juniper trees in the back for beauty and shade.

“I’m so pleased with the way Kyle and his team from LandPatterns was able to restore the beauty of our home,” said Valerie. “I like that they come out every month to ensure that we are watering the correct amount, and to provide preventative maintenance and advice.”

Valerie has experienced first-hand the professionalism and thoroughness of the LandPatterns crew:

“They spend a lot of time weeding, cleaning the beds and ensuring that they remove any dead leaves. They go out of their way to do more and ensure that we have a quality result.”

If you are ready to get great results from your professional landscape design and maintenance team, contact us today!

You Get What You Pay For

Valerie had less pleasant experiences with previous companies.

“One group would come out and rush through mowing the lawn. They were here maybe 15 minutes,” she said. “With LandPatterns, they ensure that I don’t have issues.”

At one point, Valerie’s lawn was suffering from circle grass disease, or brown spots. Once LandPatterns took over the issue went away.

“I found out that you get these browns spots because the company was not transferring the blades of the lawn mower or cleaning them properly. I’ve never had that issue with LandPatterns.”

Another benefit Valerie enjoys working with the LandPatterns team is the proactive approach they take.

“They noticed I was getting dollar weed, so they treated for it before it had a chance to take hold,” said Valerie. “The other company would just mow over it and pretend like it was not there. They did not care.”

It Pays Off to Work with Caring Professionals

“I know that Marc and his team at LandPatterns take great pride in their work,” said Valerie. “I’ve always been pleased with the design and the maintenance is top notch. They are professional in every way, from their matching uniforms and marked trucks so they are easily recognizable to ensuring they are proactive in every way, I would highly recommend LandPatterns.”

Don’t settle for just any landscape design and maintenance company. You have a choice to have your own high standards reflected outside your home! Contact one of our landscape professionals today to learn more. Simply call 214-560-6880 or click here to get started today!

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