Make Your Staycation More Like a Vacation

Whether it’s spring break or you’re taking time off, there is a certain attractiveness to taking a “staycation.” Ideally, you save a little money, avoid the often crazy aspects of travel, such as long waits, and can explore your own backyard – often literally. But often there is that longing to go somewhere exotic, back to your favorite villa or ski lodge. Just thinking about your favorite recent vacation brings a smile to your face. The good news is now you can create your own unique environment that makes your “staycation” more like your favorite vacation.


The question is – where do you start?


Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns, knows a thing or two about creating unique and beautiful outdoor environments for your home.


“Our approach is to work hand in hand with our clients to develop the environment they desire, while also taking into consideration the architecture of the home and the existing vegetation,” said Marc. “We also make sure we can build them something they will enjoy, such as an outdoor kitchen or media room, so they can expand the living and entertaining space of their home.”


The team at LandPatterns has expertly created a multitude of environments, including media rooms, outdoor kitchens, and combinations of the two, water features, and a whole host of other interesting elements to expand your living and entertaining area while giving you that vacation at home feel.


Each design is unique to the individual, so according to Marc, even if they designed for properties that are next door, the end result would be very different.


“Our focus on unusual materials coupled with our desire to maintain a green environment and minimize the footprint ensures that our clients get a design that works for the long-term, “said Marc. “Plus the end result is really aligned with their desires, not some cookie cutter solution.”


It’s All About the Relationship

If you have a favorite vacation spot that you visit year after year, you learn the area, find an interesting dining place, and even begin to know the locals. It becomes a comfort to recognize some familiar things along with discovering new ones.


Much like knowing your favorite waiter will always take care of you, the team at LandPatterns strives to build a relationship.


“Each design is created after we spend quite a bit of time with our clients, going through a very interactive process,” said Marc. “We discuss who they are, what they want to do, develop an understanding for their likes and dislikes, and what the space has to offer. Whether it’s a small yard or acres to incorporate, we ensure we understand the end goal so the client is very happy.”


And The Space

Of course, creating that vacation feel on your own property requires an exceptional understanding of the types of materials available to create your own oasis.


“We start by determining what the site has to offer while understanding microclimates, soil types, and existing vegetation,” said Marc. “Then we study the area to learn if it’s primarily shady or sunny, what soil types are throughout so we can recommend the best plants, and what materials are appropriate. If there is a water feature, how do we incorporate that so it feels like a true part of the landscape, rather than a later addition.”


Marc and his team are sympathetic to the architecture and how to incorporate materials that are complimentary. There are a myriad of concrete finishes, lighting, stone and other interesting elements that provide options for accentuating good architecture. Or even hiding elements of the home that detract from the overall look and feel.


“We start by ascertaining what the site has to offer, then source materials within a 500 mile radius as often as possible in order to keep it green,” said Marc. “We also try not to select plants that are too exotic because in addition to increasing the environmental footprint, they can be difficult to maintain.”

Returning Year Over Year Equals Maintenance

When you return to your favorite vacation place, even if it’s in your own backyard, it’s comforting to know that it will be well maintained. One of the important aspects of LandPatterns services is to provide maintenance to ensure that beautiful environment remains so.


“It’s important to have proper maintenance, particularly in that first year. Think of the new landscaping and features like a baby. It’s critical that it be nurtured properly early on,” said Marc. “Our maintenance services ensure that everything is managed in the proper fashion. We are vested in the success of our projects, and want to ensure our clients can enjoy them without having to invest a lot of time and energy into learning the nuances of plant management or water feature maintenance.”


When you think about your next staycation, think about how nice it will be to have that special environment created just for you and your family, making it more like a real vacation. You will be glad you invested the time and energy to work with professionals who care about the end result as much as you. If you are looking for that unique environment, contact our professionals to get your customized quote, and get started on your staycation plan!

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