Building Your Dream Home? Make Sure your Castle fits your Kingdom

A beautiful, upscale home is marked not only by distinctive architectural elements, but also by a well-groomed exterior, complete with beautiful foliage, attractive furniture, and well-maintained walking paths, all of which join to create a cohesive, sophisticated look that instantly catches the eyes of passerby.


Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they can easily recreate the beautiful landscapes they’ve witnessed on Pinterest or in magazines, all on their own. They are invariably disappointed when they realize that there’s more to landscape design than the mere addition of a few plants or a stylish piece of furniture. Rather, landscape architecture is a sophisticated skilled discipline. A good landscape architect will transform a dull, lifeless property into a stunning oasis and a comfortable living space.


“We spend a lot of time listening to our clients, evaluating their needs and creating a unique landscape design that both enhances their current living environment as well as generates a beautiful space for them to enjoy,” said Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns. “Our goal is to ensure that every client is deeply satisfied with the outcome of their participation in our design process.  An intimate garden space, a unique pool environment or a large outdoor living area is the culmination of many intense hours of designing and coming to a complete understanding of who the client is and what they want.”


Extended Living Space

Landscapes are not just an amalgamation of trees, shrubs, grass and other outdoor elements.  They can and should be extensions of your home, with inviting views and nodes that invite interaction.  When the weather cooperates, the ideal outdoor space should be just as livable as the indoor portion of your home. Landscape architects can make this possible by designing beautiful outdoor living areas, play spaces for children, outdoor kitchens and living rooms and just about any landscape feature you can imagine.  These outside living spaces allow you to make the most of your kingdom, all while enjoying the beauty of your home’s distinctive landscaping.   Additionally, a thoughtfully designed and professionally executed landscape brings order to an often chaotic world in which we live.


Customized and Integrated Solutions

Homeowners who fail to consult with landscape architects often take a piecemeal approach to landscaping, mistakenly believing that some foliage here and a patio chair there can transform a home’s exterior. This unorganized approach to landscaping ultimately results in a less than ideal result.


According to Marc: “Experienced landscape architects integrate the many aspects of landscaping into a strategic plan, which eventually gives way to a polished, visually appealing property. At LandPatterns, all landscaping plans are customized to ensure that they achieve the homeowner’s desires, blending into a unique design. Additionally, landscape design solutions are customized based on the home’s style, the property’s terrain, and the region’s natural climate and vegetation to maximize the longevity of the landscape.”


Landscape Architecture and Home Value

Carefully landscaped properties benefit not only from better esthetics, but also significant improvements in home value. A Virginia Tech study indicates that, by improving a home’s landscaping from average to excellent, homeowners can raise the property’s value by as much as 12 percent.  This impressive value increase is comparable to that of a revamped kitchen or living room. Beautiful landscaping has the added benefit of creating a favorable first impression, thereby leading prospective buyers to attach more value to the entire property.


The Importance of Specialized Talent

Landscape architects study and hone their craft — and their knowledge extends far beyond garden esthetics. A good landscape architect is able to draw on an in-depth understanding of horticulture, construction detailing, environmental psychology, and more. To gain this essential knowledge, aspiring landscape architects must devote four or five years to specialized college study.   If they seek state licensure, they must also apprentice under a licensed landscape architect for a number of years and take and pass a rigorous series of exams to practice and be called a landscape architect.


In addition to the basic requirements outlined above, many landscape architects pursue further specialization, focusing on such niche areas as sustainable design, aquascaping, and contemporary art. Whether your goal is to build an outdoor kitchen or to develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly backyard, you need to find a landscape architect with the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to make your vision a reality.


“Our years of experience ensure our clients receive the best design and solution for their spaces and needs,” said Marc. “When you design your dream home, you don’t want to scrimp on the outdoor landscape design. That is why it’s crucial to have a landscape designer who can achieve the environment you desire to align with your home.  All too often I’ve seen clients spend a fortune on a landscape that didn’t meet their expectations and didn’t function as it should and, unfortunately, suffer with the results.”
Landscape architecture gives your home’s exterior a polished look that complements its interior — and the benefits do not end there. The right landscape architect can transform unused or unappealing swaths of property into an environmentally friendly living space, all while significantly increasing your home’s value. When you are considering the best way to finish out your home, choose a landscape designer with the experience, understanding and vision to provide the end result you desire. For a design review, please give us a call or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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