Living Fireworks Bring Sustainable Beauty

The heat of the summer can be a killer for all plants, particularly those that flower. Fortunately, there are magnificent blooming plants and plants with incredible color that provide beauty even during the hottest months in North Texas.

“The key is to understand how to utilize native plants which require less water, study the space to understand the sun / shade ratio, and work with the clients to achieve the look they desire,” said Marc Funderburk, founder and president of LandPatterns, LLC.

If you want to have a backyard filled with color that will rival any fireworks display, consider these plants:


Salvias – known for their hardy nature, these beauties flower in different colors while providing a nice filler for beds and landscapes.



Verbenas – there is a hybrid variety that is known to flourish in North Texas, providing longevity and color.



Daylilies – these gems provide multiple color options and height to help align the landscape design.



Flame Acanthus – drought tolerant and a favorite of hummingbirds, these will bloom until the first frost.



Sage – with multiple varieties, such as red autumn and black and blue, this native plant provides many color options and grows very well in the area.



Herbs – both hardy and fragrant, herbs can provide interesting color, texture and aromas. Consider oregano, lavender, basil and rosemary. Lemon verbena are also nice. Stay away from herbs that are aggressive growers, such as mint. These are ideal for pots, but not in beds.


One of the challenges with any landscape design, particularly one with color, is how to make the best selection for your home.

“We work with our clients to come up with the ideal color and plant combination to meet their goals,” said Marc. “By masterfully combining native plants, annuals and perennials, we will ensure the proper mix to prevent bare areas, ensuring a final result that can be stunningly beautiful.”

Working with a professional landscape designer will ensure that you get the best plants for your home. There is a lot to consider, including:

  • Amount of sun
  • Soil makeup
  • Neighboring plants
  • Alignment with existing landscape design
  • Architecture of the home

“Most important of these is the desires of the client. What they envision as the result coupled with the ideal plants for the area is key,” said Marc. “We work diligently to ensure our clients receive the look and feel they desire.”

Sustainable Plants Extend the Beauty

Sustainable plant life is important for many reasons, including water conservation (which positively impacts your pocket book) and longevity of the landscape. One of the recent shifts in sustainability has been the focus on native plants; particularly in areas like North Texas where the weather can be harsh and rapidly changing. Surprisingly, native plants haven’t always been widely available. Nurseries would more commonly carry exotic plants; unfortunately, these plants would more frequently die and need replacement.

“As society became more progressive and became more aware of sustainable practices, we realized what a waste of resources and money it was to attempt to use more exotic plants. Today, we design landscapes that are going to be conducive to a longer-term solution by embracing plants that are native to the area.” says Marc.

Still unsure about the viability of sustainable plants? According to this article, by utilizing native plants, this North Texas woman’s landscape sustains off natural rainfall, with her only watering once per year.

“Of course, the style reflected in the article is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are many options that provide both sustainability and beauty, and we ensure our clients have access to a large variety to choose from to align with their desires,” said Marc.

Working with a professional landscape designer ensures you get the best of both worlds – beauty and sustainability. Contact us today to begin designing your own blooming firework show!

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