Landscape Design Can Heal and Celebrate Life

Landscape design provides more than a nice backdrop. It is often used to celebrate life, provide a healing sanctuary and even support wildlife. A great example is the White Garden at Kensington Palace, planted to commemorate one of its move beloved residents – Princess Diana.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of her death this August, the public can now remember her by exploring the beauty displayed in the 12,000 plus white flowers and foliage planted in the garden, which was specially constructed to reflect her life, her style and her image.

“It’s a lovely tribute and certainly a nice way to give those who adored Princess Diana a way to remember her beauty and sophistication,” said Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns, LLC. “We have been fortunate as a landscape design firm to participate in similar projects, allowing us to positively impact many lives.”

The team from LandPatterns were part of just such a project for Cook Children’s Hospital, where they participated in developing a “celebration” garden for families to enjoy.

“The hospital is committed to providing cutting edge care to children from all over the region and abroad. We were fortunate to be selected to design and install a series of gardens and garden spaces that would allow families, staff and patients to meditate, relax and just get away from the stresses associated with childhood diseases,” said Marc.

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Landscape Design Celebrating Life

Marc and his team knew that being a part of this important project would have an impact on people for years to come. The garden is a place for patients and their loved ones to reflect and heal as they fight life-changing illnesses and undergo often difficult healthcare treatments.

“We used hardscapes in a way that provided a softness to the overall design,” said Marc. “For example, we had lights place throughout the garden to provide calming illumination to the paths and the multiple meditation spaces. The whole idea was to provide a place of peace and calming.”

The LandPatterns team approaches every design with a focus on the client desires. For Cook Children’s Hospital, the need was to provide a space that aligned with the hospital, but primarily to provide what the patients and family really needed.

“People who were going through these life-changing events, in particular the children and their families, would walk the paths, have an opportunity to breath in the scent of the garden, and give themselves a space to find peace and solace,” said Marc.  “It was critical that the outcome was a calming area that removed people from the feeling of being in the hospital, and into a place of serenity.”

Your Own Place of Serenity

Landscape design can provide more than plants and flowers; it can bring a unique, everlasting garden space for reflection, meditation and to serve as your own personal happy place. It’s simply a matter of having a vision for what you want, and then working with a professional landscape designer to make it a reality.

“We always focus on our client’s needs, while keeping in mind that landscape design goes beyond the visual,” said Marc. “It’s a total sensory experience that includes smell, touch and hearing.”

A custom garden can bring you back to nature, and provide a sense of healing. They are also a great way to celebrate yourself, or someone else.

“The feel you get from a well-designed garden brings you back to nature, where we all come from,” said Marc. “That sense of connection to who and what we are is calming, and healing. It’s one of the amazing things about landscape design; you get beauty on the outside of the home, and a beauty for yourself internally through the calming effect of the space.”

The truth about landscape design is it can be what you want it to be, with the right professional landscape architect supporting your vision. You can have a go-to party spot, a wildlife garden that feeds birds, bees and other animals, or a place of serenity and privacy, giving you a space to get away from it all.

If you are ready to have your own specially-designed space, contact our professional landscape design team today! We are passionate about working with you to make your dream come true!

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