Holiday Season Hangouts

Some of the most festive holidays of the year are right around the corner. A time of year filled with thanks, joy and good company, which begs the question: Where will you be hanging out this holiday season?


The holidays serve as a reason for people to come together and have a good time. Fortunately for us, in North Texas we often enjoy a nice day that can be spent outdoors, so why not spend the holidays in the best extension of your home – the backyard!


Party Preparations

No matter what time of year it is, any time is a good time to give your home a landscape makeover. With LandPatterns as your design partner, there is no excuse to postpone getting your unique landscape design, including that outdoor room you’ve always wanted. In North Texas, we are fortunate to be able to plant and build practically year round. Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns, explains that “planting in this area is an activity that can occur almost any time with fall being the best time to plant trees and shrubs. In fact, there are very few specific plants that are considered too tender or cold sensitive, allowing us to execute projects year-round.”


The professionals at LandPatterns monitor weather patterns throughout the development of each project, and adjust project plans accordingly. Why? Despite the usual calm climate in North Texas, we’ve been known to experience unforeseen storms and drops in temperature, which could have an effect on the project execution. For example, some design features, such as concrete, require temperatures above 38 degrees for best results. Marc expresses the importance to “keep the client abreast as to what to anticipate with inclement weather. It is our duty to ensure every backyard renovation is executed perfectly, regardless of what obstacles arise.”

Facilitating the Festivities

Some of the best holidays of the year are often during some of the most unpredictable times of the year in terms of weather. We’ve all experienced North Texas’ bipolar personality from time to time, and in the past this would have had an impact on your special occasion. Not anymore! Rain or shine, your holiday party will go on. If inclement weather conditions is a concern of yours, LandPatterns will design a unique covered patio to fit your backyard space that will prevent putting a damper on the party. Whatever the worry may be, LandPatterns has a solution for you.


For those who want to host holiday parties more often and accommodate more guests, limited available space can also be a concern; yet even the most seemingly intimate backyard spaces can be designed to be flexible for larger gatherings. LandPatterns has the ability the create spaces that can easily flow into another space. Another solution is to construct multi-level terraces and retaining walls, this creates a space that is multi-functional.

Many factors are taken into consideration in order to maximize each individual space, such as:

  • The typical types of engagements
  • The average guest occupancy
  • The frequency of gatherings

Marc understands the importance of every backyard design and provides knowledgeable insight based on the factors unique to each project. “It’s equally important to understand the client, what they want out of their backyard and what the space has to offer.”


Let the Good Times Roll

LandPatterns takes great pride in building backyard environments that can truly be enjoyed by all. “Whatever the desired purpose is for the backyard space, we will transform that vision into a reality,” says Marc.


Why not get the most out your outdoor space? Contact us today and let us design you a backyard you’ll really want to celebrate!

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