Give the Gift of Everlasting Beauty

There is something to be said about beauty that withstands the test of time. Not only can such splendor be admired for longer, but its worth is far greater as well. Homes are a huge investment, and there are many things you can do to improve the potential return on your investment, like with a landscape design. Take the time to put some thought into this, because you could not only benefit financially, but also personally.

After all, our homes are what we build our lives around. It’s a place where we build families and share in priceless memories. Your home should accurately represent you and should serve as a place of comfort and joy; one that you are proud to return home to.


Make a Move

According to Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns, “the landscape is an extension of the home,” and one that deserves just as much attention as the rest of the estate. There are many reasons homeowners might be prompted to explore the possibility of a landscape renovation. Here are a few:

  • You might be new to the residence, and want your home to represent you and your lifestyle more accurately.
  • Your old landscape is in obvious need of a refresh.
  • You’ve heard of the financial benefits a remodel can have on the overall value of your residence.
  • A friend has had their landscape redone and you’ve seen how spectacular it can be.

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or a long-standing resident, your landscape could probably use some attention in order to make it compliment your wants and needs as the homeowner. By upgrading your homes exterior environment, you’ll experience a rise in personal and financial benefits.


Elevate Your Homes Worth

“A well-designed landscape appreciates and adds value to the residence, contributes more functional space and will mature well over time if designed properly.” Our landscape architects work diligently to ensure that the design expression, execution and maturation of the landscape is an asset and not a liability.  Constant upgrades, intensive maintenance and poor utilization of function, materials and other resources turns what could be a wonderful landscape into a costly eye sore and money pit.  Good design is not a luxury, it is essential and ensures that the money is “well-spent” on the landscape.

Improve the functionality of your environment with the right features, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Water Elements
  • Outdoor Media
  • Paved Pathways
  • Heating/Cooling Elements

“There is a sense of pleasure the client experiences as they are able to utilize the landscape as they desire, and this is a feeling that shouldn’t fade over time.”

Many Dallas residents stay in the same house for years, making it imperative to recognize the value in investing in their homes. We are all looking for value for money spent; and there’s no reason why you can’t expect greater worth for the investments you make.


Enrich Your Community

You might be satisfied with your beautiful house, but what about the landscape? A home’s interior is only as beautiful as the exterior; think of it as the first impression. It’s important to recognize the difference a stunning landscape can make for the homes residents as well as on the neighborhood itself.

How will a landscape refresh make a difference for your community?

  • It will upkeep the integrity of the neighborhood.
  • It will uphold the standards of the community.
  • It will allow you to live the life reflected by the community.
  • Ultimately, it will make you a good neighbor.

We’ve seen a shift in the responsibility within upscale communities. Many of these chic neighborhoods make important investments to upkeep their homes, which also positively impact the overall value of the entire community. At some point, we’ve all driven through our neighborhood and slowed down in front of a house that takes our breath away. Why shouldn’t this be your home? Well, with LandPatterns it can be.


A Gift to Last a Lifetime

A well-developed landscape will only enhance the overall look and feel of the residence, while also adding immeasurable value. This year, give yourself the gift of everlasting beauty with a unique landscape design that will transform your house, into a home. The best gifts are those that have longevity and add value to our lives, both of which you can have with a unique design by LandPatterns.

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