Feast Your Eyes: Holiday Beauty Year Round

The holidays are a great time to reflect and express gratitude for that which we are thankful. It’s also a time to reflect on the past and envision the future. A time to think about how you want to create a space for you and your family to thrive.


“Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, every backyard space has the potential to be more visually and aesthetically appealing,” says Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns. “With the right nurturing and design, your backyard can take flight, becoming a true reflection of the beauty you desire.

We’ve been reflecting as well, and wanted to share ways which we support our clients in creating a unique space to fulfill their needs. Take a visual journey with us as we share some of the beautiful landscape designs we’ve seen transform into visions of beauty!


A Zen-ful Space

There is no backyard too small to create a space that can be comfortably enjoyed. By maximizing the space provided and incorporating an easy to navigate path through this quaint backyard, the client will never feel lost in their Zen-ful backyard.



A Glimpse – Before and After

Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine the end result. Translating ones desires and needs can be the most difficult part of a design process, but it’s also the most important. “Every client has a vision for their backyard space, it’s our job to turn that vision into a reality,” says Marc.

northwood-res-before     northwood-res-after



Healing Waters

There is a calming element to the sound of running water that many find healing. This outdoor fountain is embedded in a backyard garden and further enhances the experience of those who choose to immerse themselves into the space.




Take it Outside

Whether it’s a quiet dinner with the family, or a robust holiday party, take it outside! Outdoor rooms provide individuals with the comfort of an indoor space, while also enjoying a luxurious outdoor escape.

outdoor-kitchen     outdoor-room



Bringing the Plants to Life

Plants serve an important purpose in our outdoor environments; not only are they beautiful, but they have a positive effect on the surrounding environment and wildlife. Bring your backyard to life by mindfully selecting plant life that will thrive and compliment your backyard environment.

This holiday season, while giving thanks and showing appreciation for the things that bring you joy to your life, remember to include your outdoor environment. That place where you can entertain, children can play, and you can enjoy year round.

Ready for your landscape to take flight? Contact us today and let us show you your backyards true potential!


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