Date Night at Home? Let Landscape Design Up the Romance

Which is more desirable?

You call ahead and make reservations at your favorite restaurant, which is a favorite of many. Show up, wait for your table, are seated next to many other couples looking for that romantic escape, and wait. You just start an interesting conversation when the waiter appears, talking about the specials. Then you are interrupted again for drinks, order taking, delivery of the meal, clearing of the meal, and of course, the obligatory do you want dessert conversation. Then there is paying the check, getting the car and driving home. Lots of interruptions, not to mention all the background noise from the crowds.


You can pour your favorite beverage, put on your favorite music, and have any one of a number of new delivery options provide you favorite meal. Now you step outside, sitting at a table lit by candlelight, surrounded by beautiful plants, subtle lighting, and the soothing sound of your water feature. You leisurely dine and have any number of engaging conversations without interruption. There is no one else but you and your date. It’s truly a romantic rendezvous created just for you.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, and the spring like weather we often enjoy in North Texas, even in the winter, why force yourself to fight the crowds and the noise to spend a few moments with that special someone? Particularly when you can enjoy the peace, tranquility and romanticism you create yourself in your own uniquely designed backyard.

To build a backyard oasis that reflects your unique personality, click here.

Landscape Design Can Boost the Amore’

“Properly done, your residential landscape architecture reflects your unique personality and adds benefit to your home, both in value and use,” said Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns. “The outdoors is proven to positively impact your mood, and with a little added lighting, can be a truly romantic escape for your and a loved one.”

Creating your own romantic evening is easy with just a few extra touches to your already stunning space:

  1. Mood Lighting – adding a few softly lit lanterns to your space will give some light and provide a mood booster. If you have an outdoor fireplace that will work beautifully as well.
  2. Set the Table – if you have an outdoor room, then you already have a good place. If not, then this would be a great time for a picnic. Just a blanket, basket of goodies and a toast under the stars is a great way to create a romantic mood.
  3. Add Flowers – this time of year isn’t known for a large number of blooms, although there are a small few that pop up in winter. However, a small vase of flowers, or maybe a few small vases spread around, add color and a nice aroma to set off the evening.
  4. Relax and Enjoy – regardless of how your home’s landscape is designed, you can certainly savor the tranquility and romance of a space that is beautifully planned to maximize your satisfaction.

Time to Consider Refining Your Landscape Architecture?

If you are thinking how nice it would be to enjoy an evening at home in your well-appointed outdoor space, whether romantic or rousing, but you just don’t have the type of space that makes your proud, then it’s time to change all that.

The investment into residential landscape design pays off in multiple ways,” said Marc. “First, you improve the resale value of your home by a significant percentage. Second, you create a beautiful environment that reflects your character, and finally, you have a space that you are very proud of to invite friends and family into.

According to one landscape economist, improving your landscaping can increase your home’s value by as much as 28%. Even upgrading what you have can provide an impact to the value of 6 to 7% (per a study by Clemson University).  The financial investment absolutely has a return.

The emotional investment has a return as well. We recognize the healing powers of landscape design, and understand how important it is to spend time outdoors as it improves our mental and physical well-being.

It’s certainly good for you to invest in fine dining and nice vacations, but why not also invest in your home to increase the value it provides to you on all fronts? To maximize the value and beauty of your home, click here.

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