Contrary to Popular Belief, No One Likes a Scary Backyard

There was a slight chill in the air on this seemingly quiet fall night in Dallas. With each step you hear the crunch of the crisp leaves beneath your feet. Nothing seemed unusual, so you keep on walking. You reach the doorway and are greeted by a familiar face, “Hello and welcome! We are so glad you could make it,” they proclaim. The uneasy feeling you had quickly disappeared. As you proceed from room to room, you’re acknowledged by more smiling faces.


After mingling for a while, you decide to step out back for some fresh air. As you approach the door to the backyard the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand up. What is the reason for this? Probably nothing, so you proceed. You breach the doorway and step onto the back patio. Instead of feeling relieved and relaxed, as you had hoped, you are overwhelmed with discomfort and uneasiness.


The cracked concrete beneath your feet makes every step a safety risk. The overgrown plant life pokes and prods you as you go deeper and deeper into the poorly lit garden, any moment you’ll be engulfed by the darkness. Can this environment really be so bad? Unfortunately, it can.


Don’t Spook the Neighbors

“Designing a backyard is a meticulous and complex process, just as designing any room in your house would be,” says Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns. “There are many things that can go wrong, and many aspects that can be overlooked if not done by an experienced, knowledgeable team.”


For every project, Marc and his team at LandPatterns take into consideration what you want in your backyard, and realistically customize a design based on your backyard potential. When choosing the right plants to include in any new backyard design, Marc asks the following questions:

  • Which plants thrive best based on weather in the particular area?
  • Which plants thrive best based on the type of soil that is present?
  • What kind of plant life would the client enjoy?
  • Which plants would be best suited for the client’s lifestyle?

Don’t spook your guests, to have them never return because of an ill-managed backyard setting; make your backyard the reason they want to return.


From Spooky…to Spectacular!

Every backyard deserves to be a place where you feel safe, happy and stimulated all at the same time. Think of it as your own private retreat, a place where you can enjoy on your own or along with family and friends. So, what do you want in your backyard?


The possibilities are plenty. Whether you want to have a backyard capable of entertaining the masses, or whether you want a healing garden where you can reflect and unwind, or maybe you prefer a hybrid of the two. Whatever you have in mind, LandPatterns will customize a design specifically for you.


“We are giving our clients much more than a beautiful backyard, we are giving them a space that is uniquely their own, their very own happy place, if you will,” proclaims Marc.


The excitement of scary Halloween environments will soon pass; so don’t be left with a year round haunted house in your own backyard. Contact LandPatterns today and let us turn your backyard from spooky to spectacular! You’re new backyard will be sure to put a spell on you.

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