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North Dallas Estate

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of installing a beautiful landscape to perfectly frame a sprawling estate in North Dallas this month! The estate includes an opulent main house, a guest house, a gorgeous pool flanked by two party pavilions, perfect for entertaining.

The traditional style of the home is complemented by classic and timeless plant materials arranged in over 25,000 square feet of planting beds, surrounded by nearly 20,000 square feet of turf grass and natural areas.

The landscape plan was created by landscape architect Kevin Clark of Kevin Clark/Naud Burnett Landscape Architects.

Above is an “in progress” photo of the project…stay tuned for the “after” photos to follow!

Backyard Retreat

Our client recently purchased a newly-constructed home in order to downsize and have a low- maintenance home and yard. The existing side yard/back yard was undeveloped by the builder, leaving the homeowner with the huge challenge of creating a great outdoor entertaining space for family and friends, while creating privacy and overcoming the over 8-foot steep drop from the existing back porch down to the alley.

The grade was the largest challenge because the space was so narrow with such a large fall from existing porch to the property line. The second largest challenge is that this residence is located in a semi-private community where HOA approval of plans and materials is difficult, as all the residences here share a similar look and feel with a very clean and contemporary aesthetic.

We had to precisely shoot grades to know what kinds of retaining walls would need to be constructed along with how much backfill soil and dirt movement would need to be done. After that the design had to carefully consider the space with maximum functionality for outdoor entertainment with newly constructed walls to ensure it would last for many years to come. All of this was done with multiple meetings with the homeowners who are a retired engineer and active architect themselves. Once a design was settled upon, then submission to the HOA board of approval had to be completed and signed off on with all questions and concerns answered for the community by-laws.

The two biggest difficulties within the construction phase were that the neighbor next to the back yard had a large retaining wall not properly backfilled up to the property line. That neighbor wouldn’t allow us proper access and control to help alleviate the issues, so we had to skillfully work around this to ensure what we constructed would last, despite their property not being properly addressed. We also had to go through multiple shipments from the manufacturer due to large variances in the material’s appearance on the steps and another shipment that was broken during shipping. These two things delayed the project we were working to complete before the spring so the homeowner could have the maximum use of the space this year.

Topping off this challenging construction was a beautiful palette of native grasses, rosemary, groundcover, granite walkways, and synthetic grass to ensure year-round, practically effortless beauty.

Preston Hollow Residence

Nestled in the heart of Dallas, our clients enjoy a 4-acre estate where they have developed the property for a “park” and “garden” like feel with lots of privacy and sound barrier from the neighbors and busy street along the front. They travel a lot for work and want to be able to come home and enjoy their own backyard oasis that is properly maintained and cared for. They also have 4 grandchildren who live on part of the property and roam around everywhere, so having lots of manicured lawn space to drive their toys around on, explore, etc. is important too.

We service the property one day per week, since they retain a full-time porter. However, he is stretched thin as doesn’t tend to much of the landscaping as needed as he’s typically working on other side projects for the client. In order to complete our maintenance work within 5 hours on our service day, we work diligently with the client and the client’ assistant to constantly communicate issues we see and/or need to have resolved. Thankfully our client is very quick to respond and allows us an abundance of freedom to make necessary improvements when deemed necessary.

Additionally, last minute work functions and/or parties are often hosted at their house. We often times have to respond quickly with an extra service visit, service date change, seasonal color change, bed mulching, etc. to help get it ready for their company.

We value the trust and communication we have with this client and look forward to working with them for years to come!

Landscape Design Can Heal and Celebrate Life

Landscape design provides more than a nice backdrop. It is often used to celebrate life, provide a healing sanctuary and even support wildlife. A great example is the White Garden at Kensington Palace, planted to commemorate one of its move beloved residents – Princess Diana.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of her death this August, the public can now remember her by exploring the beauty displayed in the 12,000 plus white flowers and foliage planted in the garden, which was specially constructed to reflect her life, her style and her image.

“It’s a lovely tribute and certainly a nice way to give those who adored Princess Diana a way to remember her beauty and sophistication,” said Marc Funderburk, president of LandPatterns, LLC. “We have been fortunate as a landscape design firm to participate in similar projects, allowing us to positively impact many lives.” Read Post

Living Fireworks Bring Sustainable Beauty

The heat of the summer can be a killer for all plants, particularly those that flower. Fortunately, there are magnificent blooming plants and plants with incredible color that provide beauty even during the hottest months in North Texas.

“The key is to understand how to utilize native plants which require less water, study the space to understand the sun / shade ratio, and work with the clients to achieve the look they desire,” said Marc Funderburk, founder and president of LandPatterns, LLC.

Read Post

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