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1600 N. Collins

More and more, we’re seeing our commercial clients moving to landscape solutions that are more sustainable and drought-tolerant, saving them money in maintenance fees and water bills. One of our commercial clients in particular is implementing this landscape strategy in all new projects, as well as retrofitting projects they currently own and/or manage.

This project was their first redevelopment, and it is also their corporate headquarters. In addition to adopting a new development strategy, they knew their major tenant, who occupied over 50% of the lease space, was scheduled to move to their new corporate headquarters mid-2019. The project is in an older office setting and competition for lease space is very strong in the area. They knew that curb appeal and look were very important to providing a competitive leasing advantage and they staged the redevelopment to coincide with the tenant move out.

The redevelopment of the landscape presented several challenges, the first of which was that we could not disrupt the use of the facility by the tenants. We addressed this issue by staging the work and performing the work in non-peak hours for the tenants and management. The second challenge was that the building is in a municipality that is very “pro-landscape” and very involved in all facets of redevelopment. We were able to draw, review and present the plans to the city for approval long before work was scheduled to begin, as to assure that we were didn’t lose time.

In terms of the landscaping, we were tasked with keeping as many trees as possible, yet opening visual corridors. We were able to achieve this by removing some of the older trees and lifting the canopies of the larger trees. Because we were transforming the beds from traditional, water-guzzling ones to drought-tolerant, water-saving beds, the irrigation system needed to be upgraded. We converted the irrigation system to drip irrigation, drastically reducing water usage. Additionally, since the turf areas were eliminated and replaced with perennial beds, the maintenance required went from weekly maintenance to bi-monthly!

We filled the perennial beds with native plants and trees, such as Vitex, Turk’s Cap, Inland Sea Oats and Red Yucca, all surrounded by warm and welcoming swaths of decomposed granite and river rock and accentuated by intermittent accent boulders.

Sylvan Thirty Landscape Maintenance

Our client offices directly across the street from their development, where their design intent was to bring a natural and rugged design to this urban retail center. They revitalized this old site keeping a lot of the original signage and feel to this naturally designed retail space. Our goal was to continue that feel through proper maintenance techniques and practices, allowing the native plants to perform as designed originally.

Since the previous landscape contractor had not cut back many of the existing grasses and perennials during the dormant season, when we took over the site last spring we had to routinely make cut backs and selective prunes so as not to stunt the health and growth of the plant, while preventing the plant material from taking over the site and walkways. We also had to remedy multiple areas where the decomposed granite parking was washing out and not being properly swept back into place and top dressed creating multiple hazards for patrons and cars alike.

Additionally, we presented the client with multiple enhancement proposals so as to address many areas with diseased cactus that had not been treated and to top dress & in-fill a lot of the groundcover and decomposed granite areas. We provided these proposals in a manner that allowed the client to cash-flow the expenses while properly caring for these areas of neglect.

We schedule our service visit so that we can be in and out of the property before 8am so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic in and around the retail center, along with ensuring we can maintain every area without damaging any vehicles or being obstructed by vehicles.

With any enhancement work performed on-site we typically have to schedule the work over multiple days as we can only perform the work in short periods of time with all the traffic and patrons who visit the site from the surrounding apartments and offices.

The developer on Sylvan Thirty was Oaxaca Investments, while Spring Valley was the General Contractor. For more information, visit

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