Build a Sustainable Landscape – Not Just a Green One

As a homeowner who has invested in the beauty and design of your landscape, it is important to consider the future. How will the landscape fair through the seasons and various weather patterns? Will it become a burden to maintain or somewhat easy? How do you know what to do when in order to ensure your landscape investment has longevity?


Maintaining a healthy landscape as it ages is no easy task in our ever-changing environment. Marc Funderburk, President of LandPatterns, recognizes that “landscape design is far more advanced than it used to be as we’ve become smarter in how we design and utilize our landscape resources. We have not only learned from the past and expanded our plant knowledge, but we also look to what the future brings in terms of plant health and upkeep.”


The world around us is constantly changing; the environment, the climate, it all makes a difference. We are beginning to experience environmentally parched conditions and we must consider the utilization of our Earth’s resources. We are forced to ask the question, “How are we going to ensure our landscapes are sustainable for the long term?”


Reflecting on Our Resources

“Landscapes have made us aware that certain resources might not always be readily available; one major example is fresh, clean water,” says Marc. “In the grand scheme of things, when it comes to livability, our resources will become tighter and we’ll need to consider what will ultimately keep us alive.”


Water availability may become further stretched because of the number of people moving into the North Texas area. As a society, we have to consider our other needs for water, such as sewage and daily usage that allows us to live. In Dallas, we’ve definitely seen our periods of excessive rainfall as well as overwhelming drought, both of which are detrimental to plant life.


Furthermore, there are other things to reflect on than just the plant life within a landscape; it’s a holistic system filled with other dependent forms of life. Plants provide food and shelter to insects, reptiles and mammals, so we must develop an environment that is conducive to all types of growth.


Landscape Longevity

LandPatterns takes into consideration the present and the future of each landscape design. One highly important question that Marc asks when approaching any landscape renovation is, “Will the client be able to take care of the landscape as it matures?”


gardneJust like any other lifecycle, when a landscape is young it must be nurtured and requires extra attention. Newer plants require more water, fertilization and pruning. Similarly, once a landscape matures the amount of time and consideration required is just as high. You must understand how to manage the plants as they grow, which requires dedication and commitment. For example, more mature plant life does require a less aggressive water schedule but will have a tendency to overgrow if not maintained properly.


A shift in our environment has occurred and will continue to occur; for this reason, we at LandPatterns take great consideration into each one of our landscape designs. Not only is it important to reflect on what is sustainable but also what in turn is eco-friendly. Every landscape is going to grow, change and will require additional modifications as it matures. How are we going to ensure each landscape will continue to grow and adapt as changes occur? As Marc puts it, “we must allow your landscape maturity to happen with grace.”


Green AND Healthy

“Most people don’t think as in depth about landscape as they should. We must have people think through more than what’s just aesthetically pleasing,” mentions Marc. “At LandPatterns, we take great pride in every landscape design; not just for the clients’ immediate benefit, but also in the hopes that you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for many years to come.”


As Marc says, “We make the landscape healthy, not just green.”


To learn more about the landscape maintenance programs that LandPatterns offers to ensure sustainability and longevity, contact us today!

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