All-Inclusive Landscapes: Residential Meets Retail

Imagine being surrounded by a beautiful environment where everything is located conveniently at your fingertips; whether it is a variety of places to dine, shop, work or live, these all-inclusive living environments are becoming more and more prevalent. Odds are you have already experienced this sort of blended development.


These environments are called mixed-use developments; the idea is to incorporate residential living with retail and other diverse elements of entertainment, all within walking distance of one another. A variety of lifestyles can be accommodated by these developments, making it an increasingly popular choice for residents and visitors alike.


The Next Level of Collaborative Landscape Design

An urban setting like NYC is considered a harsher environment because it is primarily architectural by design. Mixed-use developments are preferable because they are a much softer, more relaxing and inviting environment; because of this they also require a design process that is much more extensive.


Marc Funderburk, president and founder of LandPatterns says they consider “utilizing the design and the manner in which the psyche of the individual reacts and changes as they travel through the environment.” These projects are based on walkability, which is what makes the outlook on the visitors’ experience so significant.


There are a number of things to consider during the design process; the landscape architect should be aware of any architectural incorporations, such as plazas, water features or other outdoor spaces in the area. The driving idea behind mixed-use developments is to create a community atmosphere where individuals from all walks of life can congregate, so considering the audience and the experiences they desire is a fundamental factor.


Oh, The Possibilities!

Every mixed-use project has the opportunity to be special, unique and inspirational in its own right. There is no cookie cutter solution, according to Marc, because every development allows for creativity by the landscape architects. Marc expresses how important landscape design is to him as he and his colleagues at LandPatterns strive to “capture the essence of the space, because ultimately it will inspire people to buy or rent space there.” The landscape is the first impression for potential clients coming into the urban space.


An experienced landscape architect will assure the environment and landscape aesthetics are pleasing to the guests by avoiding the inclusion of sharp, pointed, toxic or potentially harmful plants within the mixed-use development. Selecting plants that appeal to the senses, such as bright colorful plants that compliment the architecture or plants with pleasant scents are always preferable. All of these additions contribute to the overall look, feel and response by visitors of the urban space. These developments are so diverse that they require a great deal of collaboration and considerations throughout the entire planning process.


Team Work Makes the Dream Work

The design of mixed-use developments is much more complex than other projects; and the relationship between the commercial real estate developer and the experienced landscape architect is crucial. Time and time again, LandPatterns has established a trust and worked closely with architect partners. In addition, LandPatterns always considers what the architect is trying to achieve with color choices and building lines.


Marc explains how they “let the landscape compliment the buildings and other existing colors within the development.” It is imperative there be a strong collaboration between the architect and landscape designer. “Every design includes the chance for embellishment with landscape, and vice versa.”


Working collaboratively also makes it easier to adhere to other codes and regulations that come along with a commercial real estate development. Ultimately, the success of the entire project could be based on the cooperation of the commercial design team, developer and landscape designer.


Find Your Happy Place

Collaborative mixed-use developments are blended, livable and workable communities where residential living meets retail paradise. LandPatterns has “extensive knowledge about plants, how people interact with them and how they can enrich a space with their smell and texture,” because as we know, it’s no easy task to develop such a comprehensive piece of real estate.


Marc tells us that, “in addition to our extensive plant knowledge and considerations, sensitivity to our commercial clients and what they want to achieve with the site is one of LandPatterns primary competitive differentiators.”


Raise your next commercial development to the next level with LandPatterns experienced landscape architects, and create an environment that your visitors will consider their happy place! Contact us today!

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