Whether you are looking to make your home reflect your unique taste, or it’s simply time to spruce up the place, anyone who has embarked upon a significant landscape project knows it’s worth the time and effort to partner with a professional landscape design architect. The trick is knowing how to choose. Reading websites is interesting, but may not yield the information you need to make the best selection.

The truth is that not all landscape design companies are the same. Some will provide you with a fantastic result, while others will simply give you the cookie-cutter theme they like. Choosing requires insight into the industry, and an understanding of what to ask when you are interviewing the landscape designer.


Creating a customized landscape that enhances your home’s unique design and reflects your taste requires much more than just choosing a few plants with a little hardscape. Your outdoor “rooms” should be at the same impeccable level of design as your indoor rooms, and align with your vision. The flow of traffic, lighting, color palette and overall feel of the space are all important. To achieve the most satisfying results, a great landscape design company will focus on your distinct needs to craft hardscapes, choose plants and incorporate the best of environmental design principles to create an outdoor space that blends seamlessly with your home and matches your style of living.

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Great landscape design companies focus on integrating multiple features: full patio and wall design, water features and a comprehensive planting plan that considers environmental psychology and the feeling you want to infuse in your space. A ground-up overhaul requires a different skill set than a DIY spruce-up, so consider the following five factors when choosing a landscaping design company:

  1. Experience: A great landscape design company will have a proven history of working in the North Texas climate and a portfolio of successful projects in neighborhoods that are similar to yours.  Additionally, they will have experience in all aspects of landscape design: water features, outdoor media rooms and kitchens, hardscape design and sustainable plant selection is a must.
  2. Creativity: A great designer will listen to your wish-list and come up with a fully customized solution for your outdoor space. These are not cookie-cutter designs that you can find on any Pinterest board, but fully realized, unique creations for your property.
  3. Knowledge: A complete understanding of environmental design is a must. Knowing how people move in a space and how to harness the psychology and even the healing powers of certain plants is a major asset. Landscape design is done in four dimensions: time is a major player as light changes over the course of the day and plants change with the seasons. Your designer should be a pro at making these changes work for you.
  4. Ingenuity: A great designer knows how to highlight your home’s best features while camouflaging its imperfections. Design is as much about subtraction as it is about addition of new elements.
  5. Focus: When your home is beautiful, your landscape must also be. Choose a designer who incorporates special materials and design to get the results you want. There’s simply no substitute for the best.

In the end, the best landscape design company for you will be one that offers highly personalized service and considers your needs first. After listening intently to your desires and working with you to create the design, a great landscaper will also consider your lifestyle in designing a landscape that will thrive over time. You should never be left with an outdoor space that can’t be well maintained. After all, it’s an investment that should provide years of enjoyment and added value to your home.

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